Aktuelle Ausstellungen

Alfa Gallery Miami

April 1 – May 31, 2022


Alfa Gallery is pleased to present: "Abstraction in Action", a group show, exhibiting new artworks by internationally known artists, from Europe, US and South America. The specific dynamic approach to art developed by these artists, that use geometric shapes and a renewed inspiration from the "abstract geometry" movement to create advanced and up to date creative compositions that will throw the visitor in a timeless universe of organized vibrancy, thanks to balanced, pattern-like figures, enhanced by a strong dose of refreshing energy. All the artists, even if with different visual accomplishments, share a similar theoretical approach and background that strongly influence their artistic procedure.


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25. - 27. März

BEGEGNUNG / Gemeinschaftsausstellung


Fabrik der Künste 

Kreuzbrook 10 / 20537 Hamburg