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Alfa Gallery Miami

15. Jan. - 15. März 2024

Alfa Gallery is pleased to announce Meta, a group exhibition showcasing the work of thirty artists and featuring a variety of mediums including painting, installation, performance, photography, mixed media, and sculpture. 


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Alfa Gallery Miami

06. - 31. Dezember 2023

Fabrik der Künste Hamburg

01. - 03. Dezember 2023

Kunstprojekt  mit art goes public, Hamburg

Alfa Gallery Miami

17. Juli - 17. September 2023

Alfa Gallery is honored to present ABSTRACTION IN ACTION a group exhibition. Abstraction Now! highlights contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of abstraction through their practice. View all works on ARTSY.

PANAL / Gemeinschaftsausstellung

Alfa Gallery / Miami is pleased to present ¨PANAL¨ 

a celebration of abstract art that includes paintings, installations and sculptures. 

This exhibition is a selection of artists working within the abstract mode in its many manifestations.  

While some artists investigate the purity of abstract form, others take inspiration from images or conceptual and social theories from the real world. Speak in the language of abstraction in its multiplicity of forms. The variety, strength and originality of these many approaches result in works that remain fresh and vibrant, continuing to move art into uncharted and inspiringly beautiful territory.

On view until August 31, 2022



Alfa Gallery Miami

April 1 – May 31, 2022


Alfa Gallery is pleased to present: "Abstraction in Action", a group show, exhibiting new artworks by internationally known artists, from Europe, US and South America. The specific dynamic approach to art developed by these artists, that use geometric shapes and a renewed inspiration from the "abstract geometry" movement to create advanced and up to date creative compositions that will throw the visitor in a timeless universe of organized vibrancy, thanks to balanced, pattern-like figures, enhanced by a strong dose of refreshing energy. All the artists, even if with different visual accomplishments, share a similar theoretical approach and background that strongly influence their artistic procedure.


art goes public

25. - 27. März

BEGEGNUNG / Gemeinschaftsausstellung


Fabrik der Künste 

Kreuzbrook 10 / 20537 Hamburg